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Transformer – AutoBMW, ROLL OUT!

Turkey has had a lot to deal with of late. No money, nasty terror stuff, it's all been a bit much. It's good to know then, that some Turkish folk at Letrons are keeping the dream of fun alive. A case in point being this - a BMW Transformer. While somewhat less... read more....
BMW films, the hire, star, guy ritchie, m5, e39, motoring, automotive, cars, cinema, stunt, jump, drift, motoring, automorive, onlymotors

BMW Films – Hostage by John Woo

Last week, we introduced you to the world of BMW Films, a project that while now well over a decade old, still holds up against modern motoring cinematography.  As we mentioned, each film was given unlimited ac... read more....
mercedes-benz, gls, ak47, texas armoring company, cars, guns, gun, security, shoot, motoring, onlymotors, automotive

Bringing a Benz to a gun fight?

Bless those Americans. They like to do things differently. What things? We hear you ask. Well, for one, product testing. For example, one company, BlendTec, has become hugely successful simply by showing how to... read more....
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The boys are back – THE GRAND TOUR TRAILER!

Oh yes, it's finally here. The trailer for The Grand Tour. Our favourite motoring men are back and it looks like they've been putting Amazon's debit card to good use. It. Looks. Spectacular. But in what world would a P1, a 918 and LaFerrari simultaneously drif... read more....
ferrari, 458, rental, rob ferretti, cars, motoring, automotive, america, onlymotors

The perils of renting a supercar

Oh look, it's that Rob Ferretti guy again. Except this time he's not smashing his windscreen. Instead, he has some proper consumer advice. You see, Rob makes his money by renting out supercars. The thing is, he... read more....