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finbarr galvin, ireland, irish, car sales, motoring, seat, skoda, advert, funny, motoring, automotive, onlymotors

The Irish KNOW how to sell cars!

Finbarr Galvin Ltd might not be a name you know of... yet. You will though, because they're tearing the car sales world up via what has to be the best advert we've ever seen. It's utter insanity from start to f... read more....
road rage, cars, america, best day ever, lexus, motoring, automotive, only motors, video, viral

Road rage – key to happiness?

Road rage. We've all been through it at one time or another. Whether in the right or in the wrong, we've all been made puppets to the puppet master that is the red mist. Shouting, losing our cool, firing our pr... read more....
bmw, transformer, autobot, decepticon, roll out, technology, robot, humanoid, cars, motoring, onlymotros, automotive, turkey

Transformer – AutoBMW, ROLL OUT!

Turkey has had a lot to deal with of late. No money, nasty terror stuff, it's all been a bit much. It's good to know then, that some Turkish folk at Letrons are keeping the dream of fun alive. A case in point b... read more....