Vision concept previews upcoming Alpine sports car

This is our first look at the much-anticipated new Alpine sports car, due in 2017. Or at least, most of it.

According to Alpine, this Vision concept is 80% related to the production car, which probably amounts to less advanced lights, different side mirrors and some interior changes. Otherwise, it looks perfectly plausible and very, very pretty.

The styling draws heavily on Alpine’s heritage, the quad headlights, flared wheelarches and rear window shape recalling the iconic A110 rally car. That was a tiny little thing; the Vision is much bigger, but still smaller than a Cayman.

Alpine is keeping mum on the technical details for now, but it is believed the production car will weigh around 1,100kg, about 300kg less than the Cayman. As such, it can get away with less power from an engine thought to be derived from that in the Renaultsport Clio. The standard model is expected to produce 250bhp, with hotter versions making up to 300bhp. The mid-mounted motor drives the rear wheels via an unspecified gearbox – the steering wheel paddles in these images suggest a dual-clutcher.

Whatever engine is in it, the Alpine will be quick with a 0-62mph time of “less than 4.5 seconds” promised.

The interior is suitably technical, swathed in leather and carbonfibre. The dashboard features an advanced TFT instrument display and there’s a pair of gorgeous quilted leather bucket seats. Which hints that the Alpine won’t be cheap. Prices are expected to start around the £40,000 mark, in the same ballpark as the Cayman, Alfa Romeo 4C and Lotus Exige.

The Alpine will go on sale in 2017 through a dedicated dealer network – you won’t any of parent company Renault’s branding, here. Pleasingly, they’ll be built in the same Dieppe factory as the original Alpines.

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