Vision GT concept launches hot Hyundai N brand

Safe to say that no-one thinks of the cars built by Hyundai as particularly exciting. Safe, reliable and good value, sure. But they don’t exactly get the pulse racing.

Hyundai wants to turn that perception around. That process started last year when Hyundai made a successful return to the World Rally Championship. It won in Germany in 2014 and is battling to secure second place in the Manufacturers’ Championship this year.

Pretty much from the moment the WRC campaign was announced, Hyundai was expected to launch a new performance car sub-brand to tie-in. And so it has come to pass.

Hyundai N will be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. The brand will be showcased by the unveiling of Hyundai’s new N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo concept, which, says Hyundai, “highlights sustainable technology and race car design, truly representing the future potential of Hyundai N.”

The RM15 concept, an odd, Volster-based machine powered by a mid-mounted 300bhp engine, will also be on display alongside the 2016 i20 WRC car, shown in public for the first time.

There’s no word yet on when any Hyundai N production cars will go on sale, or even what they might be. Safe to assume, though, there will be versions of the i20 supermini and mid-size i30 to take on established hot hatches like the Renaultsport Clio and Ford Focus ST.

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