Arteon…the new VW superhero

New Volkswagen Arteon

ARTEON. I like that name. It sounds like a superhero like Iron Man or Thor.

But it oozes strong and powerful. Perfect for a new car then.

And then Volkswagen went and ruined it by explaining why they called their new flagship saloon coupe by that moniker.

VW said the name Arteon derives from ‘art’ and the suffix ‘eon’, which means it’s ‘a premium model’.

New Volkswagen Arteon
New Volkswagen Arteon

I don’t even know what that means but it’s much more boring than just saying it’s the latest motoring superhero.

Anyway, the car…

It’s Volkswagen’s new rival to the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe, replacing VW’s old CC, and it arrives in the autumn priced from around £30,000.

But VW insist it’s even more upmarket than the old CC, featuring much more premium levels of comfort. So perhaps somewhere between the CC and Phaeton limo.

It does look good. Back to the superhero theme, it’s macho, futuristic and aggressive with a super-strong profile.

Inside it’s also like a 22nd century night club. Huge air vent that stretches along the width of the dashboard and lighting strip that runs along in.

Volkswagen promises three different interior ‘themes’ for the Arteon – black, dark grey and a combination of dark and light grey. Cloth, Alcantara and leather upholstery will be available depending on spec, while Nappa leather finishes will be on the options list. Fine Birch wood trim will be available on range-topping models, while sportier R-Line cars will get aluminium accents. Both will be combined with piano black centre console panels.

New Volkswagen Arteon
New Volkswagen Arteon

There are six engines at launch, mix of petrol and diesel of course, and a full suite of safety gizmos.

When the Arteon goes on sale later this year, it’ll be offered in three variants. Standard models will get 17-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights and tail-lights, VW’s 6.5-inch Composition Media infotainment touchscreen, plus six-way adjustable seats and driver assists including Progressive steering and VW’s Driver Alert System.

Elegance cars add executive saloon bells and whistles such as larger 18-inch alloy wheels and additional chrome trim on the bodywork, while the Arteon R-Line cuts a sportier look inside and out.

VW’s new superhero is a corker.

What do you think?

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