We don’t usually concern ourselves with vans at Only Motors, but when they are as potentially significant as this one, we make an exception.

This is the Volkswagen Tristar concept, an all-road, stretched-cab, pick-up truck. It riffs on the original Tristar, a special edition of the T3 pick-up, launched 30 years ago.

The new Tristar has ruggedised styling, suspension raised 30mm and 17-alloys with knobbly tyres. Under the flatbed at the back is a large, dust-proof, watertight drawer for valuables.

Under the bonnet is a 201bhp, 332lb/ft 2.0-ltre turbo diesel engine, sending drive to all four wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch DSG gearbox.

Inside, there’s a tablet table, video conferencing and sound systems, turning and sliding seats and an espresso machine. So you can turn it into a mobile office.

Why, then, is this concept so significant? Well, underneath the motor show frippery, this could well be the next-generation of VW’s big-selling Transporter van, the T6.

The front-end styling is all-new but familiar; the rear is reminiscent of the old T3, though might not reach production as it probably doesn’t meet the current rules on light height, which would be a shame asĀ it’s a really nice touch.

The dashboard architecture is clean and simple, with a central display screen and minor controls grouped below it. The Tristar is jazzed up with silver trim and brown leather, but the production T6 will see a step-up in material quality.

Of course, where there’s a new Transporter, there’s a new Caravelle; the big, posh people carrier version. It’ll be interesting t see how it stacks up against the new Mercedes V-Class, due next year.

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Volkswagen Tristar

That rear light arrangement recalls the classic rear-engined Transporter T3

Volkswagen Tristar

We’ve decided every car needs a tablet table

Volkswagen Tristar

This is the original T3-based Tristar of 1984, the first publicly available VW with 4WD

Images: Volkswagen; Gomotors.net