IT seems like every car firm is going electric for the Shanghai Motor Show next week.

Volkswagen have now released teaser shots of a new electric coupe SUV.

This stylish new star will be the third member of VW’s ever-growing all-electric I.D. family after the previous unveilings of the I.D. hatch and I.D. Buzz Microbus.

Volkswagen I.D. concept

Volkswagen I.D. concept

The teaser shots show a very familiar family design resemblance with thin LED lights at the front and rear and distinctive shapes and curves.

VW have already rubber-stamped that this next I.D. will be all-wheel-drive and an electric range of around 300 miles.

The first of the I.D. range will be a Golf-sized I.D. hatchback in two years time.

VW are said to be still deciding whether the Microbus will become the campervan of the 21st century, so production confirmation is yet to come. This latest concept is more likely considering the huge demand for SUVs.

Volkswagen I.D. concept

Volkswagen I.D. concept

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