Volvo S90 and V90 – Now Faster!

New Polestar performance package now available for the Volvo S90 and V90

Volvo, a brand synonymous with speed and agility. With being on the ragged edge of performance, care of blistering 0-60 times and tyre-shredding BHP figures. Or, y’know, the opposite of that. Yeah, Volvo has made a few speedy rides (we love you, 850R) but it’s not the Swede’s bread and butter business. Still, doesn’t mean it’s not having a go. Enter stage left, preferred Volvo-fettler, Polestar.

The S90 and its big-bottomed brother, the V90, hasn;t settled into dealerships yet! That’s not stopped Polestar from having a play though. If you’re not sure who Polestar are, think of them in the same way you would AMG to Mercedes, M Sport to BMW or for those of you in Crewe, Ripspeed to a Vauxhall Corsa.

Polestar Power – Worthwhile?

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We LOVE the S and V90 Volvo

Is it worth it? We don’t know. They say they are determined to work with the car, because adding outright power would be fruitless. Or, in the words of the PR blurb, “Rather than simply increasing engine performance, Polestar Performance Optimisation upgrades the entire drivetrain. By improving throttle and off-throttle response, gearshift speed and precision, as well as overall engine performance, the S90 and V90 become even more dynamic and fun to drive.”

We can understand that. You don’t want to ruin the car to which bits are being bolted to. “The S90 and V90 already offer excellent driving dynamics, and we are delighted to raise the performance level even further with Polestar Performance Optimisation,” said Niels Möller, COO of Polestar, the Volvo Cars performance brand.

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The dullest photo-shoot, in the worlllllld…

Turns out, they needn’t have worried about ruining the driving dynamics. The £835 upgrade (currently only for the D5 PowerPulse diesel) doesn’t exactly set the world on fire. Power goes from 235hp to 240hp. Torque? That’ll be 480nm to 500nm. On a car this size, those ‘hikes’ are hardly going to reinvent the car.

Shame really. We were excited to hear Polestar would be tinkering with one of Volvo’s finest offerings. Five horsepower, however, isn’t really worth getting excited about, is it? Just another excuse for a leaflet in the dealership for a salesman to up-sell.

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