The V double-phew van cost!

Retro VW campervan

FAR out man.

This symbol of hippies is so expensive you’d think you’d been smoking something a bit potent.

A mint condition version of a 1960s Volkswagen T2 camper van is up for grabs at auction for up to £90,000.

Ninety-grand. That’s enough to give you the hippy hippy shakes.

For that sort of cost you can get SEVEN Ford Fiestas or even a supercar like an Aston Martin or Porsche 911.

I know what I’d go for.

However, this is of course, an outstanding collectors item.

Built in 1967, the Volkswagen Type 2 camper has been extensively restored, making it one of the best known versions of the van in the UK.

Retro VW campervan
Retro VW campervan

This version of the van is also referred to, by some, as the ‘Splitter’ thanks to its split screen windscreen design.

The two-tone camper is painted in white and a power blue colour and the interior is finished in a pale grey and white theme.

As part of the restoration plush new seating, wood panelling for the storage areas and sparkling chrome on the bumpers and rims have been added.

One of the benefits of the car having a full restoration is the inclusion of modern tech features such as an Alpine surround sound system (just to listen to American Pie by Don McLean, obviously), DVD player and an internet connection.

The full restoration process took a whopping four and a half years and was completed in 2013.

Since then the car has only travelled 1,800 and it is just as pristine as it was then.

It goes under the hammer at Bonhams auction at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in West Sussex on June 30.

A CND sticker for the back window is also thrown in for free.

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