Yes, we said “testing times” and yes this involves VW. But it has nothing to do with emissions. PUT THE DAILY MAIL EMAIL ADDRESS DOWN!

What were are talking about, and watching – this is a video after all – is the footage taken during some tough testing. It’s by no means a new video. Not at all. But it’s interesting none the less. Yes, crash tests are commonplace. Still, some poor, unsuspecting cars are plucked from the assembly line and abused until they fail. Jumps, curb-hits, emergency stops on rough ground. They’re all here. There’s even an angry man slamming doors and, for some reason, hitting the floor of the car with a hammer. Maybe he was having a bad day?

Enjoy the lighthearted carnage. If you own a VW, sleep in the knowledge it’s been thoroughly tested! Oh, and sorry in advance about the polka music.