Wacky Suzuki Tokyo Motor Show concepts

These wacky little things are Suzuki’s concepts for this month’s Tokyo Motor Show.

First up is the bright yellow Mighty Deck, a ‘urban/outdoor’ pick-up type thing that looks like a fashionable walking shoe. It has a canvas roof and a wood-lined rear deck with drop-down tailgate. The bulkhead retracts for longer stuff – surfboards and such.

Next, we have the oddly-named Air Triser, an extra-minivan with a sliding doors; a relaxing wood-lined interior with three rows of seats that fold into a U-shaped sofa and a large infotainment screen that takes much of one side of the interior.

Then there’s the Ignis Trail, a white and red, high-riding hatchback that’s basically a gussied-up version of the new, production-spec Ignis city car that will make its debut at Tokyo. The bold and chunky styling combine with the high ride height to give the Ignis a crossover-ish look. But it’s primarily a city car, the extra ground clearance there to make dealing with potholes and speed humps less arduous. There’s no word yet if the Ignis will come to the UK, where Suzuki’s small car line-up is starting to look almost as complicated as it is at home in Japan.

We can expect a lot more concept of varying degrees of weirdness to emerge ahead of the Tokyo Show. As a first salvo, Suzuki’s effort is fairly modest, in that the Mighty Deck, Air Triser and Ignis Trail actually make a sort of sense and have vaguely comprehensible names.

Don’t be surprised if Daihatsu has a driverless transportation pod called the Cocoa Puff Rabbit Acorn.

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