Watch a massive TCR touring car crash

This is one of the biggest racing pile-ups we’ve seen all year.

It happened at the start of the second TCR International Series touring car race at Macau last weekend. The crash starts when Race 1 winner Rob Huff makes contact with Jordi Gene at the first corner.

Huff, starting from pole on the outside of the track in his Honda, runs side-by-side with Gene’s SEAT down to the turn. He turns in to take a wide line round, only to find Gene heading straight on. The cars touch and clatter into the barrier, throwing debris and spinning across the track.

The rest of the field has little time to react and nowhere to go and most of them pile into the melee. Some get off relatively lightly, but we reckon at least four cars will have been completely written off. TCR cars are comparatively inexpensive, but the teams and drivers caught up will be facing significant repair bills. Ten failed to make the restart, the race eventually won by Stefano Comini, who sealed the title in the process.

Huff said afterwards: “I feel there’s a corner there, you’ve got to turn at some point and he didn’t seem to want to to turn in.” Understating it a bit there, we think.

Gene, a vastly experienced racer who really should know better, sustained a broken rib and was fined €1,000 for causing the crash.

Video via Youtube/VihorF1

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