Watch a runaway car rampage in South Korea

This might look like something from Grand Theft Auto, but it actually happened in South Korea.

On the face of it, this appears to be a runaway car incident. At first, the camera car rolls into the back of a taxi at relatively low speed, but then the pace suddenly picks up. The car barges past a lorry, takes out several sections of centre barrier, smashes into the back of another car and then careers through a roadside barrier, finally coming to a stop.

Exactly why this incident occurred isn’t known. On first seeing it, we thought the jolting way the speed increases might have resulted from a retaliatory shove from the taxi, making the camera car driver panic and take off down the road, making mayhem in the process. It’s more likely, though, that the cause was some sort of medical emergency.

Whatever the cause, let’s just be thankful no-one appears to have been seriously hurt. We can’t speak for the condition of their underwear, though.

Video via Youtube/RawLeak

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