Watch a seized Ferrari 360 get crushed

This is a sight that’ll make any petrolhead feel slightly sick to the stomach – a Ferrari 360 Spider being crushed under the tracks of a bulldozer.

It happened in the Philippines, where the authorities decided the car had been illegally imported. Apparently the car was listed as being imported for spare parts only, but someone clearly thought that claim was bogus. So the car was seized and then crushed in a made-for-TV event, alongside other apparently illegal goods.

Local news channel GMA News covered the crushing in the video above and the Philippine Star posted the images below on Facebook.

This isn’t unprecedented. The Philippines levies ferocious taxes on both new and used cars imported into the country, so many are smuggled in. The government periodically stages these crushing events, including the one in the video below, that was attended by Philippine dictator President Rodrigo Duterte.

As for the 360, the video shows it to be partially stripped down, missing the front and rear bumpers and lights, and the doors. Whether or not the car arrived in this state or they were removed prior to being crushed isn’t known. If the former is the case, the fact it still had its engine may have raised doubts about its nature.

Many petrolheads around the world have asked why the Philippine authorities don’t auction the cars off and put the money towards some worthy cause. There are two possible reasons why they don’t do that.

First, it could well be as difficult to export a car from the Philippines as it is to import one. Second, and more likely, is that President Duterte – widely regarded as one of the most brutal dictators in the world – effectively has a zero-tolerance policy on crime. Given he once suggested drug dealers should be summarily executed, it’s fair to assume that smuggled goods are publicly destroyed to set some sort of example. It should also be noted that Duterte’s record show that helping the country’s needy is fairly low down on his list of priorities.

Here’s another video of another crushing event.

It’s enough to make you cry, really.

By Graham King

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