Watch an EV Ford F-150 tow 1 million pounds of train

The gigantically popular Ford F-150 is marketed under the tagline “Built Ford tough.” The point, essentially, is that the F-150 can stand up to whatever punishment its millions of owners throw at it.

Ford is working on a battery-powered F-150 which has got some die-hard traditionalists worried that their beloved pick-up may go a bit soft. So Ford put together a pretty spectacular stunt to prove that the prototype F-150 EV is more than tough enough.

The challenge? Towing a train. Specifically, ten double-decker car carriers that together weigh one million pounds – more than 450,000kg. That proves a bit too easy, so the train is loaded with no less than 42 F-150s that take the weight up to nearly 570,000kg.

You can see it strain a bit as the weight bites, but the instant, smooth torque so characteristic of electric motors lets the F-150 dig in and get moving with no complaint whatsoever. The band of typical F-150 owners Ford has gathered to witness the test are suitably impressed.

We suspect that an ICE-engined F-150 could achieve the same feat, but it would probably make much more of a fuss about it.

Time and sales will tell whether or not the F-150’s conservative customer base is convinced about a battery-powered version. But on this evidence, there’s nothing to worry about.

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