Watch a Land Rover Discovery Sport pull a train

Die-hard traditionalist caravanners will tell you that the Land Rover Discovery Sport will be useless at towing. Even though it’s rated at two tons plus, they’ll tell you that a car with an aluminium monocoque will simply tear in half if you attach any significant weight to the back. For these people, nothing but a big Discovery or a Mitsubishi Shogun with their massive separate chassis will do.

How do you silence the doubters? Hitch a Disco Sport up to a train weighing 108 tons – 49 times the 2200kg rated towing weight of the 178bhp model used – and see what happens.

It worked, too, the DS seemingly having no trouble overcoming the massive inertia and quickly getting up to a steady 8mph. It’s an oddly compelling sight and the bridge adds considerable drama. Whoever thought this up clearly has an eye for a striking image.

According to Land Rover, the car used was completely unmodified, apart from a set of casters to keep it on the rails. What state it was in afterwards, though, isn’t mentioned.

This isn’t completely uncharted territory for Land Rover, as it staged the exact same stunt 25 years ago when the original Discovery was launched. You can see a bit of that in the video below.

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