Watch Mark Higgins’ 128mph TT lap

On Monday Mark Higgins set a truly unbelievable lap time around the Isle of Man TT circuit of 17mins 35.139secs, an average speed of 128.730mph, at the wheel of his Subaru WRX Time Attack.

This footage only gives a taste of the lap (there’s no sound on the on-boards) but it gives a good idea of just how committed Higgins is.

It was Higgins’ second run in the car. On first first attempt on Saturday, he wiped nearly 90 seconds off the marker he set in 2014. Monday’s run was completed in less ideal high temperatures; he has one more run left later in the week and a 130mph laplooks like a distinct possibility.

TT legend Michael Dunlop broke the outright lap record on Saturday aboard his Hawk Racing BMW superbike, with a time of 16mins 58.254secs, an average speed of 133.393mph.

Three-time British Rally Championship and movie stunt driver Higgins first tackled the TT lap in 2011, driving a 113mph lap to break fellow Manx rallying legend Tony Pond’s 21-year old 102.195mph record, set in a Rover 827 Vitesse. He returned in 2014 and raised the record to 117.5mph.

Higgins’ previous records were set in near-standard Subaru WRXs, but the car he’s using this time around is rather more advanced. Built by Prodrive, it’s essentially what the old 2.0-litre World Rally Cars might have become. The engine is thought to produce 600bhp and 400lb/ft of torque – Prodrive claims a similar power-to-weight ratio to a GT3 racer, which puts the WRX somewhere below 1200kg. It even has F1-style DRS to help it reach a top speed of 180mph. It runs Tarmac rally-spec suspension and Dunlop slick tyres.

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