Watch the craziest drivers at Goodwood

There’s a lot of craziness at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Crazy drivers take to the hill in crazy cars and drive crazily fast at crazy angles. We think these are the craziest runs seen throughout the weekend.

Starting with 17-year old Oliver Solberg, who proves that the apple never falls far from the tree. The son of WRC and WRX champion Petter Solberg drove Petter’s Citroen DS3 RX up the hill showing the speed and car control that made Solberg Sr so successful. Despite the angles he reaches, Oliver was third fastest in the Shootout, just 1.5secs behind his dad.

Ken Block brought along the Hoonitruck from Gymkhana 9 and tore up the hill so fast one of the wheelarches came off.

In soaking wet conditions on Sunday, F1 driver Valtteri Bottas did his best to turn the Mercedes W08’s wet tyres into slicks

It’s a little known fact that Rolls-Royces can be driven with serious vigour. British club racer Daryl Jones showed that even the hulking, near-three-ton Cullinan ‘high-sided vehicle’ can be hurled along at massive speed with one of the most committed, tyre squeal-filled runs of the weekend.

Anyone who climbs aboard ‘Babs’ is crazy by definition. The Thomas Special was built by John Parry-Thomas to break the Land Speed Record with power from a 27-litre V12 Liberty plane engine. Parry-Thomas achieved his goal in 1926, setting a record of 171.02mph. He crashed fatally during a later run in Babs at Pendine Sands in Wales. The car was buried in the dunes after the crash but was exhumed and restored in the Nineties. It’s by no means an easy car to drive, but the unknown pilot here puts on a very spirited display.

Accomplished historic racer Julian Majzub contested the Shootout with maximum commitment in his 1927 Bugatti Type 35B. His time of 64.25secs put him 18th, behind cars at least 40 years younger than the blue Bug.

Daniel Ricciardo, the smiliest man in Formula 1, decided he’d drive the Renault Megane RS Trophy R up the hill with the handbrake on. Because… well, why not? He wasn’t going to be able to do a particularly quick run as the road was soaked, so why not have fun instead?

Duncan Pittaway’s monstrous Beast of Turin has become a FoS staple since he restored it a few years ago. The aero-engined Fiat S76 was originally built for record breaking but now it’s a crowd-pleasing automotive dragon, constantly spitting flame out of the open headers. Pittaway always drives it with vim – even when it’s pouring down with rain.

FoS favourite Terry Grant always puts on an amazing display. For the last few years, his biggest stunt has been driving the lenth of the hill on two wheels in a truly epic display of balance of car control. This year, he used a Jaguar F-Type Coupe. The run seemed to be going perfectly until a couple of hundred yards from the finish when a cloud of smoke started billowing from the back. It looks as if the diff cried enough and blew up.

This French-made SCAT Type-C looks rudimentary at best, but 108 years ago it was a top-flight racing car that apparently contested the fearsome Targa Florio in Sicily. Andrew Howe-Davies, perched perilously behind the wheel among chains and levers, showed just how fast a century-old racing machine can still be.

By Graham King

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