Watch a truck wreak havoc for fun in amazing stunt

TV science show Mythbusters has probably destroyed more cars than any other TV show in history. *

The show has now ended after 14 gloriously destructive years and, to sign off, they created this amazing stunt.

It’s genius in its simplicity. An enormous metal wedge is welded to the front of an even more enormous truck, many cars and other detritus are lined up, and a good run-up is taken. The lorry simply ploughs through the lot.

It’s supposed to be a literal drive through Mythbuster’s history, but really it’s just them ending with what they do best: making mesmerising mayhem. For fun – sorry, experimental purposes.

* We’re counting out German cop show Alarm fur Cobra 11, which exists purely to destroy cars. Or so it seems.

By Only Motors

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