We’ve been had! Toyota sells a brilliant dummy

Earlier this week, Toyota issued an extremely mysterious press release about a brand new, production-ready ‘concept’ called the RND, to be unveiled on Monday. This set the internet, including this website, into a flurry of speculation about what the hell was going on.

The release implied the RND would revolutionise the industry, and its effects would be felt within weeks. Several outlets that should’ve known better (again, us included), suggested the RND could be some sort of radical urban mobility device.

But sadly, no. Carscoops have uncovered the truth after seeing an e-mail sent to Dutch publication Autovisie, who asked Toyota Europe for an explanation.

Two things that passed us by: 1) Red Nose Day 2015 launches on Monday; 2) Toyota is an official partner of Red Nose Day. If you’ve not made the leap yet, the initials of Red Nose Day are R-N-D. That’s right, the Toyota RND is nothing more than an Auris wearing this year’s Red Nose for cars.

Toyota Europe had this to say to the bemused folks at Autovisie: “Please forgive the unique sense of humour of our British colleagues. RND is a bogus concept model meant to raise awareness [for] Red Nose Day.” So, there you go.

Apparently, you’ll be able to buy your car a Red Nose from Toyota dealers (and other outlets) during February and March for £5. Red Nose Day, otherwise known as Comic Relief, is on 13 March.

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