What were they thinking? Perodua Myvi

You probably don’t remember Malaysian manufacturer Perodua as a peddler of second-hand, redressed Daihatsus.

When it first arrived in the UK in 1997, it took the departed Lada’s place as seller of the cheapest new car available. By the mid-2000s it was producing this, the Perodua Myvi, based on the then-current Daihatsu Sirion.

And it wasn’t terrible. The Sirion was a good, honest little car and so was the Myvi. More cheaply made, but it was appreciably cheaper to buy. You get what you pay for, etc, etc.

But a tiny price couldn’t make up for a tiny dealer network and limited warranty and the Myvi sold in tiny numbers. Which led to some pretty desperate attempts to broaden its appeal and drum up sales.

Perodua’s marketing people were obviously trying to appeal to a younger audience when they devised the Wolfrace Edition pictured here. But bad alloys and tacky graphics do not a hot hatch make. Cash strapped youngsters would just buy an actual hot hatch second-hand.

Worst of all, though, are the stuck-on quad tail pipes. They don’t actually do anything, indeed they seem to be blanked off; the Myvi only had a single pea shooter exhaust for the 1.3-litre engine to wheeze through.

I suspect only penny numbers of these Wolfrace Edition cars were sold. It seems highly unlikely they did much to prop Perodua up; within a year it withdrew from the UK. I have actually seen one out on the road, which also had a comically oversized, factory-fitted rear spoiler. I almost fell over laughing.

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