What will a Ferrari look like in 2040?

Ferrari are one of the biggest names not just in the exotic world of supercars, but also in the general world of cars. It’s no surprise then that when they launch a design challenge that a large number of entries are made.

The task was to envision the Ferrari of the future, particularly 2040.

The Ferrari Top Design School Challenge is currently in the midst of its third run with the first two challenges taking place back in 2005 and 2012. Incredibly only 50 schools globally were considered for the first round with hundreds of prestigious design institutes vying to get involved.

Around 50 schools were considered in the first round, a number that was then sliced down to eight and now their are only four institutes representing three continents that have been selected as finalists.

The finalists include one of Europe’s leading design schools, Hochschule Pforzheim from Germany, the College for Creative Studies from France, Asia’s top design school and 2011 Ferrari World Design Contest winners Hongik University from Korea and the ISD-Rubika from France, home to a cutting-edge computer modelling course that apparently “embraces structured interdisciplinary projects.”

The students have been working on their Ferraris of the future since October 2014 and it’s fair to say that there are some incredible designs in the lineup. Some are wild, some rather realistic, some completely out of the norm, yet still equally as impressive as the next.

The finalists models have arrived in Maranello where the voting process for the winner will begin. However in an interesting turn of events, there will in fact be two winners.

The overall “Gran Premio” is awarded by a jury made up of Ferrari designers, engineers, drivers and even famous collectors. The likes of which include Sebastian Vettel, Paolo Pininfarina, Jay Kay and Nick Mason. Lets face it, those guys definitely know what should go into Ferrari.

That’s not all though. I’m sure us car enthusiasts like us and yourselves would love the opportunity to decide on the best design as well as lets face it, some of us could also know fairly well what would make a great Ferrari.

Ferrari clearly think the same as well as the “Premio Speciale” award is decided by an online vote on the official Ferrari Facebook page.

The winners will be named on January 15.

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