What would you pay for a LaFerrari?

You couldn’t just rock up to your local dealer and buy a LaFerrari. Rather, Ferrari invited particularly loyal (and rich) customers who bought at least five new Ferraris in recent years.

Even if you passed that test, there was still the not-inconsiderable matter of the £1 million-plus price tag. Though I dare say most owners spent a lot more than that, once the Tailor Made bespoke department had finished.

And yet, despite the obstacles, the 499-strong LaFerrari production run was massively over subscribed. Not surprising, really. A V12-powered, hybrid-boosted 963bhp hypercar wearing the venerated Prancing Horse badge was always going to be an immensely desirable commodity.

So depreciation was never going to be a concern. But exactly how much is a LaFerrari worth now? A little over a year since the first examples were delivered to their owners, some are trickling onto the market and an answer to that question is starting to coalesce.

I have located four LaFerraris currently for sale. London-based dealer Prindiville purports to have three available, only quoting a price for one of them of £2.34 million. Meanwhile, Naples Motorsports in Florida claim to have the only LaFerrari available in the United States, priced at a cool $5 million (about £3.2 million).

Is that price ambitious? Tough to tell. At least 10 LaFerraris have been made ‘publicly’ available at dealers; who knows how many have changed hands privately. The rule of thumb seems to be that second-hand examples command a £1 million premium over what it cost new. It’s possible Naples Motorsports’ car cost £2.2 million…

Moving such an incredible car on so quickly might seem strange to petrolhead hoi polloi like us. But the ultra-rich tend to get bored quickly and certainly enjoy making a quick buck.

The market price seems to be in the £2 million – £2.5 million range, depending on spec and mileage. But there are enough people out there that want a LaFerrari badly enough to pay pretty much anything. Even as much as Naples Motorsports is asking.

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