World’s fastest JCB digger

If you’ve ever been stuck behind one, you’ll know that backhoe loaders (to use the technical term) are not exactly fast.

Most JCB diggers and their ilk will only do about 30mph absolutely flat out. So you might imagine that an attempt to break the record for the world’s fastest JCB digger wouldn’t be a terribly exciting spectacle.

But that’s reckoning without the JCB GT, a 1,300bhp, V8-engined, flame-spitting monster.

With JCB demonstration driver Matthew Lucas at the wheel, the JCB GT howled down a runway in Bathurst, Australia, at a record breaking 72.58mph.

Now, that might not seem overly impressive, but consider this is a vehicle that probably weighs at least six tons, has the aerodynamics of a barn and appears to still be a fully functioning digger,  it’s quite an achievement.

Video via Youtube/SWNSTV

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