Would you buy this wrecked Porsche 918 Spyder?

This is cheapest Porsche 918 Spyder on the market. But as you can see, it does have one or two problems.

Crucially, it isn’t a spares-only ruin. It looks entirely savable, which means it could be something of a bargain. At the time of writing, bidding on the New York-based sale – handled by salvage specialist Copart – stands at $133,000 (£93,000). By comparison, the cheapest 918 listed for sale in the UK on Autotrader carries a price tag of just over £1 million.

It won’t be a small job to repair the 918, though. The front has taken the brunt of the impact and will need a complete rebuild. That probably includes the electric motors and associated equipment, which won’t be cheap.

At the back, the bodywork and suspension will need replacing, but the engine and hybrid system looks like it has survived intact. That’s a massive expense spared, as a replacement engine costs over £140,000 by itself.

The centre tub appears intact, too, and the doors and rear cowl undamaged. Is doesn’t look like the side airbags went off, but the front pair did; those repairs are relatively simple.

All in, Copart reckons on repair costs of around $600,000 (£420,000), so you could spend half a million on the wreckage and still be in profit.

But would it be a wise purchase? In a word, yes. This kind of repair could only be done by Porsche who would send it back to the factory, where it would be rebuilt by the same people who built it on the production line, to the same quality standards. So no worries there.

Plus, with the repairs fully documented and certified, it’s doubtful there would even be much of a negative impact on the car’s value. For proof, look at the Ferrari Enzo recently sold by RM Sotheby’s. That car was once infamously split in half in a street racing crash but, repaired at the Ferrari factory and Classiche certified, it sold for a typical Enzo price of €1.568m (£1.23m). Demand for the 918 is just as strong as it is for Enzos, so there’s every reason to think this one would make its market value of a million or more once repaired. You could probably even make some money selling the damaged bits as art pieces.

If only we were in a position to take advantage of the opportunity…

View the auction listing here

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