Richard Rawlings is a loud, brash and somewhat ‘in your face’ kinda guy. As such, you wouldn’t expect him to do things by halves. So, when he and his team at Gas Monkey Garage were given a Dodge Challenger Hellcat to play with, you can bet he played hard. As he demonstrated by driving a monster truck over it. Yup, he crushed what many consider to be the ultimate muscle car. The crazy fool.

It was obviously a stung for his show. And some bad-ass promotion for his monster truck. But also, it was a necessity. While the internet has been crying about a car being crushed, there is actually a reason. It was pre-production. Dodge would have crushed it anyway. Pro-production cars can’t be sold to the general public. So, if you have to destroy it, why not do it with some style. Look at it this way: the car was going to die. Now we can enjoy some guilt-free crushing! Because destruction is fun!