You could own a genuine Ferrari F1 car (replica)

The 1997 Ferrari F310B F1 car was the Scuderia’s best in nearly a decade, winning four races on the way to finishing second in the championship. Last year, the actual car that took Michael Schumacher to victory in Monaco and Japan came onto the market, priced at a cool €1,550,000. But now there is another F310B for sale at 100th of that price.

Inevitably, though, there is a catch. Strictly speaking, this particular F310B isn’t actually a working Ferrari F1 car. It’s a replica, but not some generic mock-up. It’s a full-size, 100% accurate show car that was used by sponsors during the ’97 season to show off the fact they were sponsoring Ferrari in F1. Which carries a lot of cachet.

The replica comes complete with the correct front and rear wings, belts, steering wheel and tyres. The wheels are genuine too, but not the right ones for the F310B (we don’t know which car they come from).

The price for all this? £15,000 (plus VAT). We’re not sure what you could do with it; maybe hang it on a wall, or put it in front of a suitably huge TV and watch F1 sat in it. It’s an ornament, essentially, and a rather large, very expensive one at that. But it is a very cool ornament.

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