You don’t want your race car to break at 110mph

The Craner Curves at Donington Park are some of the fastest, most technically difficult corners of any race track in the UK.

It’s hard enough just to pick out the right line and stay on the road, plunging downhill through the Curves at very high speed. The last thing you need is for your race car to break.

But that’s exactly what happens here to rapid 17 year-old Lotus Elise racer Ryan Savage. Something snaps in the rear suspension as he takes the left-hander at 110mph.

The car turns sharp right, firing Ryan towards the barriers. Thankfully, the 100mph impact is mostly at the rear end. Ryan got away with a lightly damaged shoulder and slight concussion.

He’s expected to make a full recovery in short order and be back on track in a week or so. The car? It’s probably only fit for spares.

Video via Youtube/MaxxUK

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