Zarooq Sand Racer is 500hp desert mauler

You’ve probably never heard of Arabian manufacturer Zarooq before but they might become a familiar name thanks to their Hot Wheels looking vehicle, the Zarooq Sand Racer.

This is no toy though, not for children anyway. The Zarooq Sand Racer presents a very playful package for those that enjoy some extreme off-roading.

The Zarooq Sand Racer is over 13 feet in length and just under 7 feet in width. Even still the one tonne vehicle has an impressive 60-40 Rear-Front weight distribution and it’s rear-wheel drive.

The Sand Racer is offered in both 400hp and 500hp outputs depending on the size of your brass. With either of the power outputs you get dynamic off-road suspension, a high capacity reservoir, 6-speed automatic performance gearbox with paddle shifters, off-road wheels and tires, performance brakes, exhaust system and a special FIA pack.

Alongside the power outputs, the only other confirmed performance figure is a top speed of 124 mph which by the looks of the Sand Racer could be possible across nearly any terrain.

The Zarooq Sand Racer is set to be unveiled to automotive journalists and potential clients in January 2016. Motorsport Director Mohammed Al Qadi stated:

“Chassis is now finished, the engine and wiring are in place and working, the body molds are being sculpted, and we are just waiting for a few parts to arrive to finalize the assembly, in December.”

The plan for the Zarooq Sand Racer also involves the vehicle being road legal with air conditioning to allow it to be as practical as possible.

While there is carbon fiber draped around the interior and exterior, the Sand Racer’s practicality holds up fairly well considering it’s extreme capabilities. It also features an infotainment system, comfort seats, spare wheel, car cover, LED lights, cupholders and a glove box.

The Zarooq Sand Racer is genuinely a car (if you can call it a car) that you can drive on the road to your nearest sand dune lined desert and back home again.

Alongside the Sand Racer, Zarooq is also planning to build an off-road circuit in Dubai dedicated specifically to sand racing to provide owners with a safe and dynamic environment for the vehicle. Think Porsche Experience Centre but for Zarooq Sand Racers.

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