Jake Archer – #Petrolheads

Jake Archer is a drifter from Tamworth who took part in various barrel sprint competitions and built his own race car. Gymkhana racer Jake Archer took part and raced against Ken Block.

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Jake Archer and Gymkhana Barrel Sprint?

Gymkhana racing is a thrilling and challenging motorsport that involves driving a car through a complex course of obstacles and manoeuvres. Gymkhana racing tests the driver’s skills, speed, and precision, as well as the car’s performance and handling. Gymkhana racing is also known as autocross, motorkhana, or autotest.

Gymkhana racing originated in Japan, where it was popularized by rally driver Ken Block. Block is famous for his viral videos of his gymkhana runs, which feature him driving his modified Ford Fiesta through various locations, such as airports, docks, stadiums, and cities. Block’s videos showcase his incredible stunts, such as drifting, sliding, spinning, jumping, and donutting.

Gymkhana racing has become a global phenomenon, with many events and competitions held around the world. Some of the most notable gymkhana events are:

  • Gymkhana GRiD: A series of events that pit drivers against each other in head-to-head battles on identical courses. The drivers have to complete the course as fast as possible without hitting any cones or obstacles. The winner is the one who has the fastest time or the least penalties.
  • Monster Energy Gymkhana Grid World Finals: The ultimate gymkhana event that features the best drivers from around the world competing for the title of gymkhana champion. The event is held in different locations every year, such as South Africa, Spain, Poland, and Greece.
  • Ken Block’s Gymkhana World Tour: A live show that showcases Ken Block’s gymkhana skills in front of a live audience. The show features Block performing his signature stunts on custom-built courses that incorporate local landmarks and elements. The show also features other motorsport celebrities and entertainment acts.

Gymkhana racing is a spectacular and exciting sport that appeals to both drivers and spectators. Gymkhana racing is a sport that requires skill, courage, and creativity. Gymkhana racing is a sport that pushes the limits of driving and car performance. Gymkhana racing is a sport that is fun to watch and even more fun to do