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Caterham F1

Caterham F1 Team under threat

The owners of the Caterham F1 Team could be forced to turn their back on the sport as a result of the alleged actions...

Mercedes sells stake in Tesla

Mercedes's parent company Daimler AG has sold its stake in electric car maker Tesla Motors Inc. Daimler held a 3.9 per...

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Road block

Bovine road block

The Scottish Highlands are a harsh place to live. At least we humans can build shelters; for livestock, it's a case of...

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Road Conditions

In autumn and winter you are 11 per cent more likely to have a car accident due to road conditions than you are in...

Trade Values

Independent car information guru, CAP Automotive, is reporting a rise in the volume of cars compared with the same...

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Rally Catalunya

Rally Catalunya preview

The penultimate round of the 2014 World Rally Championship season gets underway later this week, as the crews tackle...

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Honda ‘Cog’ advert

We are so used to be everything being done with CGI these days, it seems incredible that Honda's 'Cog' advert was done...
Inuit trades his sled

Inuit trades his sled

It's cold up in Antarctica. So it can't really be all that much riding around on a dog sled. I mean, as warm as you are...

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Driverless Audi

Driverless Audi laps Hockenheim

Autonomous, driverless cars are a hot topic at the moment. Audi has taken its version of the technology, called piloted...

New Car Sales Appetite

Motorists will ultimately pay for the car makers’ new car sales appetite, according to the independent car...