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For the Love of Cars is back!

Fancy one of the best Lotus Elite race cars in the world? Well, you can have one. And it's been restored by Ant Anstead.
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Crime’s company car – X Class

The Mercedes-Benz X Class is here, and it's utterly pointless. Unless you're a crime lord, or a rapper, or easily parted from your cash

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RR Dawn – now with more FASHION!

The Rolls Royce Dawn can now be yours, but with added levels of fashion. Even more fashionable that Top Man! If you like that kind of thing.
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Fancy buying a bonkers banger?

Want a new car, but something that has a bit of personality? Well, the charity bangers auction could be right up your street!
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BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition

The BMW M4 Champion Edition is one hell of a bit of kit. If you have the means, we definitely recommend you get one!
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For Sale: Ford Escort Gartrac G6

It's a Ford, Jim, but not as we know it. Do you fancy getting behind the wheel of a Gartrac G6? If you do, you'll need deep pockets!
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Ladies, your rage is justified!

Turns out you ladies are angrier behind the wheel than us men. But, it also seems that it's for a very good reason indeed...

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Fastest Beetle in all the land

We bet you that a yellow VW beetle can do 200mph. Don't believe us? Well, keep and reading and you'll be surprised...