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New Ford Focus

It’s the new Ford Focus

This might look like a simple facelift of the Ford Focus, which Ford claims is the best-selling nameplate in the world....
New Kia Sorento

New Kia Sorento unwrapped

Kia has decloaked the brand-new, third-generation Sorento SUV. Kia claims it is the most spacious, refined and...

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Worst convertibles

Top 5 worst convertibles

Summer is drawing to a close and some of it was really rather lovely. After spending it cooped up inside a tin can...
Party horn exhaust

Party horn exhaust

Some people spend hundreds, even thousands, of pounds on fancy exhaust systems, to get their car sounding just...
Batman rides around Japan

Batman rides around Japan

We in the West often find Japan a rather baffling place. The neon signs, the obsession with 'cute', the downright weird...

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80's cars

Top 5 game-changing 80s cars

The 1980's were an up-and-down decade for car buyers. There were plenty of properly brilliant cars launched. But...

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Falken Tyres Competition Winner

Falken tyres competition winner

Only Motors recently gave away a set of four brand-new Falken tyres. Jane Willis was the lucky Falken tyres competition...

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Skeleton at the drive-thru

Skeleton at the drive-thru

Skeleton at the drive-thru: Internet prankster Rahat and his attempts to scare the bejeezuz out of surprisingly...
Driving With The Lights On

Driving with the lights on

Driving with the lights on: There are many countries around the world that require drivers to have their headlights on...

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New car sales

New car sales continue to rise

New car registrations rose last month, according to figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders...