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An innovation in snow clearing

I love snow. There's nothing like the feeling when you open the curtains in the morning to discover a fluffy white...
Mini Clubman Vision GT

Meet the Mini Clubman Vision GT

Mini has added its offering to the ever-growing stable of Vision Gran Turismo concepts, fantasy racing cars designed by...
Mercedes-AMG GT3

Mercedes-AMG GT3 racer revealed

The Mercedes SLS AMG is no more. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as its been replaced by the brilliant Mercedes-AMG...

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Aston Martin V8 Vantage Review

Aston Martin has changed radically in the past 15 years and no vehicle epitomises that development better than the V8...

Lexus GS300-H – Slow?

The Lexus GS300h is, arguably, the car that Lexus should have launched a year ago. Instead, the fourth-generation GS...

Audi’s new S3 Sportback

Audi’s new S3 Sportback sits in no man’s land in the world of hot hatches. With a price tag of $59,900 (plus...
Audi RS5

Audi RS5

The Audi RS5 was launched in the 2010 to mark the 30th anniversary of the classic Audi Quattro, and honoured it well by...
Honda Civic Tourer

Honda Civic Tourer

The creative team behind Honda's recent smash-hit viral film 'Hands' is aiming for further success with a new TV...

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CRAZY 900hp Mitsubishi Evo 3Dx

They had a blast giving people rides in the Evo, even had a guest driver when they gave Miss Thai Thai a ride after...
Slow Down Sign

Shocking Speed Awareness Video

Shocking speed awareness video goes viral in New Zealand pointing out that when you drive fast you are in the hands of...

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Ken Block sliding under a back hoe filming for Gymkhana 6.

Gymkhana SIX: Ken Block

Need for Speed and Ken Block present:  Gymkhana SIX:  The Ultimate Gymkhana Grid Course. Need For Speed’s Racing...
900hp car

Epic Car Crashes

Epic Car Crashes through 2013 with some of the best epic fails found on You Tube.  Please do not attempt to drive like...
Barbie Jeep Car Review

Car Review of the Barbie Jeep

Used car reviews funny video. Jeep 4x4 review parody of the Barbie Jeep Wrangler from  Best car review...

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