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3D-printed car

First 3D-printed car created

3D printing is revolutionising design and engineering at the moment. Car manufacturers are increasingly using the...
Honda Jazz

Next-gen Honda Jazz revealed

Honda has released the first images of the third-generation Honda Jazz, which will debut at the Paris Motor Show in...

The Route 66 Challenge - Live Updates

Only Motors has taken on the challenge to cover Route 66.1, the original route plus a little bit more to the coast in aid of Macmillan

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Citroen DS4

Citroen DS4… A fun family car?

The Citroen DS4 is a bit of an oddball. It's a smallish, coupeish family crossover from the French manufacturer's posh...

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1957 300 SL Roadster

Sexy cars to turn heads

In my opinion, women hoping to attract male attention should get behind the wheel of a classic convertible, and be able...

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John Dodd

John Dodd, owner of The Beast

John Dodd was once a leading automatic gearbox specialist, but he is much better known as the owner of The Beast, a...
Georg Ell

Georg Ell of Tesla Motors

Georg Ell is a man with a big job. He has the task of turning the UK into Tesla's third biggest market behind the USA...

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Skeleton at the drive-thru

Skeleton at the drive-thru

Skeleton at the drive-thru: Internet prankster Rahat and his attempts to scare the bejeezuz out of surprisingly...
Driving With The Lights On

Driving with the lights on

Driving with the lights on: There are many countries around the world that require drivers to have their headlights on...

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Aston Martin

Aston Martin takes on new CEO

Aston Martin is going through some big changes at the moment. Mercedes' in-house tuner AMG has acquired a chunk of...