Stylish Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupé unveiled

Stylish Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupé unveiled.  A few weeks after the presentation of the new Mercedes-AMG GLC SUV, the performance and sports car brand is presenting the new Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupé.

It completes the successful midsize series from Mercedes-AMG and sets another highlight in the model portfolio with its combination of dynamic elegance and characteristic AMG features. Striking proportions and exciting surfaces underline its unmistakable appearance, complemented by the high-quality interior.

Available Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupé Models

There are two powerful model variants to choose from: The GLC 63 S E PERFORMANCE Coupé is the brand’s first performance hybrid SUV coupé (combined fuel consumption 7.5 l/100 km, combined CO2 emissions 170  g/km, combined power consumption 12.7 kWh /100 km)[1] with 500 kW (680 HP) system output at the start. There is also the entry-level model, the GLC 43 4MATIC Coupé (combined fuel consumption 10.2-9.8  l/100 km, combined CO2 emissions 232-223 g/km)[2] with 310 kW (421 hp) power and a short-term boost of 10  kW (14 hp) via the belt-driven starter generator. The extensive standard equipment with rear-axle steering, all-wheel drive, AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9G transmission with wet starting clutch and AMG RIDE CONTROL suspension with adaptive damping supports the dynamic driving experience.


The sporty silhouette with a flowing transition to the rear is the main feature of the new Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupé. The headlights connect to the top of the AMG-specific radiator trim and thus emphasise the width of the vehicle. The AMG front apron in jet wing design with large air inlets, vertical fins and additional flics sets striking, independent accents. Precise side edges emphasise the sporty proportions and the powerful wheel arches.

The wheel arch trim in the body colour and the AMG side skirt trim are harmoniously integrated into the elegant basic shape. The confident appearance is also emphasised by the wide track and flush-fitting wheels in 19-, 20- or 21-inch formats. Several of the wheels offered ex works feature a glossy aesthetic with bi-colour surfaces. Optional equipment includes entry-optimised running boards and numerous other packages.

The two-part taillights visually widen the rear view with a black, dark red connecting element. The AMG-specific rear apron in a diffuser look (GLC 43) or with an additional diffuser board (GLC 63 S) as well as the two double tailpipe trims (round on the GLC 43, trapezoidal on the GLC 63 S) reinforce the powerful impression.

AMG elements in the interior for sporty appearance

In the interior, AMG seats in ARTICO man-made leather / MICROCUT AMG microfiber with unique graphics and covers provide a sporty touch. Optional upholstery made of leather and Nappa leather with an embossed AMG coat of arms in the front headrests is available. The AMG performance seats are also available as options.

There is also the standard AMG Performance steering wheel in Nappa leather (GLC 43) or Nappa leather/MICROCUT microfiber (GLC 63 S). It is flattened at the bottom, perforated in the handle area and equipped with silver-coloured aluminum shift paddles. The two round AMG steering wheel buttons enable quick and precise operation of various driving dynamics functions and the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving programmes. The sporty, luxurious atmosphere is rounded off by AMG sports pedals, AMG floor mats and illuminated door sills with AMG lettering.

The MBUX infotainment system includes various AMG-specific displays and functions. These include the independent displays in the instrument cluster, in the portrait format multimedia central display in the centre console and in the optional head-up display. The AMG-exclusive “Supersport” style offers the possibility of displaying various content via a vertical structure. This includes a set-up menu that shows the current chassis or transmission settings. The driver can also have a navigation map or consumption data displayed in supersport style.

Stylish Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupé unveiled, Only Motors

Also integrated is AMG TRACK PACE (standard in the GLC 63 S, optional for the GLC 43), the data logger for use on the racetrack. The software records more than 80 vehicle-specific data ten times per second while driving around a racetrack, such as speed, acceleration, steering angle and brake pedal operation. The display of lap and sector times as well as additional training and analysis tools are also revealing.

AMG 2.0 litre four-cylinder with electric exhaust turbocharger

The heart of the new Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupé models is the AMG 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine, which combines innovative technologies and high performance with exemplary efficiency. The engine remains true to a tradition typical of the brand: it was not only completely developed at the company’s Affalterbach location but is also manufactured there in manufactory quality according to the “One Man, One Engine” principle. Mercedes-AMG combines the craftsmanship of its highly qualified employees with the most modern production methods of Industry 4.0 and a high level of digitalisation.

The engine, known internally as M139l (l for longitudinal installation), is so far the only series engine in the world that is charged with an electric exhaust gas turbocharger via the additional 48-volt on-board electrical system, which also includes the belt-driven starter generator (RSG). The system is a direct derivative of the technology that the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team has successfully used in the premier class of motorsport for many years. The new form of charging guarantees particularly spontaneous response across the entire speed range. This leads to an even more dynamic driving experience and at the same time increases efficiency.

Functional principle in details

An approximately four-centimetre narrow electric motor is integrated directly on the shaft of the turbocharger between the turbine wheel on the exhaust side and the compressor wheel on the fresh air side. Electronically controlled, this directly drives the shaft of the turbocharger and thus accelerates the compressor wheel before the exhaust gas flow takes over the conventional drive.

This significantly improves the response behaviour right from idle speed and across the entire speed range. The combustion engine reacts more spontaneously to accelerator pedal commands, and the overall driving experience is significantly more dynamic. In addition, the electrification of the turbocharger enables higher torque at low speeds. This also increases agility and optimises acceleration from a standstill. Even when the driver eases off the accelerator or brakes, the technology can maintain the boost pressure at all times. This ensures a continuously direct response.

Compared to the GLC 43, the turbocharger in the GLC 63 S is significantly larger. This enables a higher air flow and therefore more performance. In addition, the integrated electric motor is powered by the 400-volt high-voltage system.

Inspired by Formula 1 – AMG battery

The development of the lithium-ion energy storage is inspired by technologies proven in the Formula 1™ hybrid racing cars of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team. The AMG High Performance battery combines high, often consecutively available power with low weight to increase the overall performance of the vehicle. Added to this is the rapid energy consumption and high power density.

The high-performance battery in the GLC 63 S E PERFORMANCE Coupé offers a capacity of 6.1 kWh, 80 kW continuous power and 150 kW peak power for ten seconds. Charging takes place via recuperation or the installed 3.7 kW on-board charger with alternating current at a charging station, wall box or household socket. The battery is designed for fast power delivery and absorption and not for the longest possible range. Nevertheless, the electric range of 12 kilometres enables a practical operating radius, for example for low-noise, fully electric travel from residential areas to the outskirts of the city or to the motorway.

Innovation boost

The basis for the high performance of the AMG 400-volt battery is the innovative direct cooling: a high-tech coolant flows around all 560 cells and cools them individually. Every battery needs a defined temperature for optimal power delivery. If the energy storage device becomes too cold or too hot, it temporarily loses noticeable power or must be turned down so as not to be damaged if the temperature is too high. A uniform temperature control of the battery therefore has a decisive influence on its performance, service life and safety. The AMG system is designed to ensure even heat distribution in the battery.

Operating Strategy

The basic operating strategy is derived from the hybrid power pack of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 racing car. As in the premier class of motorsport, maximum propulsion is always available when the driver uses kick-down – to accelerate powerfully out of corners or to overtake quickly. The electrical power can always be accessed and frequently reproduced through high recuperation performance and demand-based recharging.

Performance hybrid drive

Further advantages of the hybrid drive arise for vehicle dynamics control. Instead of ESP® braking intervention, the electric machine can also regulate traction as soon as a wheel signals too much slip. To do this, the intelligent control reduces the drive torque of the electric machine, which is transferred to the wheel via the rear axle locking differential. The result: The ESP® does not have to intervene or only intervenes later. Advantage: The combustion engine can therefore be operated with higher torque. This improves agility afterwards and increases efficiency. In addition, the power that would otherwise be “wasted” when braking can be used to charge the battery.

AMG Dynamics Select

The AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving programmes (five for the GLC 43, eight for the GLC 63 S) enable a wide range of vehicle characteristics from comfortable to dynamic. The individual driving programmes offer an individual driving experience, precisely tailored to different driving conditions.

As part of the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving programmes, the integrated driving dynamics control “AMG DYNAMICS” is added. It expands the stabilising functions of the electronic stability program ESP® with agilising interventions in the steering characteristic curve and in ESP® additional functions. When cornering dynamically, for example, a brief brake intervention on the inside rear wheel creates a defined yaw moment around the vertical axis for spontaneous and precise steering.

The extent and effectiveness of these interventions depend on the AMG DYNAMIC SELECT programme selected, whereby the driver can determine the set-up himself in “Individual”. The ESP® can be adjusted in three levels. “On” is the standard selection, which offers a high level of safety, adapted to the sporty character of the overall vehicle. While “Sport” allows higher drift angles, “Off” allows the system to be switched off completely for a particularly sporty driving style on closed racetracks.

AMG Ride Control

Both models are equipped with the AMG RIDE CONTROL steel spring suspension with adaptive damping adjustment. It combines sporty driving dynamics with high long-distance comfort. The basis for this is the front axle with specially developed steering knuckles and ball joints of the spring link as well as the rear axle, which also has dynamically designed elastokinemetics. Building on this, the adaptive adjustment damping continuously adapts the damping on each individual wheel to the current requirement – always considering the pre-selected chassis level, the driving style and the condition of the road surface. In addition to improving rolling and driving comfort, this also leads to an increase in driving safety. There are three different damper maps to choose from (“Comfort”, “Sport” and “Sport+”).

Active roll stabilisation

Another feature makes a decisive contribution to the AMG-specific tuning for high driving dynamics: the active roll stabilisation AMG ACTIVE RIDE CONTROL, which is optional in the GLC 63 S E PERFORMANCE. Instead of using conventional, rigid transverse stabilisers, the system compensates for body movements electromechanically. For this purpose, the transverse stabilisers on the front and rear axles are divided into two parts. In the middle there is an electromechanical actuator in which a three-stage planetary gear is integrated. If the road surface is uneven or the driving style is moderate, the actuator actively separates the stabiliser halves from each other, which increases driving comfort. During dynamic use, for example on a winding road, the halves connect and are twisted against each other.

The system not only reduces rolling movements when cornering, but also enables more precise co-ordination of steering and load change behaviour. It also increases driving comfort when driving straight ahead because, for example, stimuli caused by uneven road surfaces on one side are compensated for. Movements of the body can be actively and optimally adapted to the driving condition. The typical AMG driving behaviour in terms of dynamics, precision and feedback for the driver can be experienced even more intensively.

Equipment packages for individuality

The AMG Exterior Night package contains the painted exterior mirror housings, the inserts in the AMG side sill panels, the beltline trim strip, the window surrounds, and the trim strip in the rear bumper in high-gloss black. There is also heat-insulating, dark-tinted glass from the B-pillar and the two black chrome-plated double tailpipe trims of the AMG exhaust system.

The AMG Night Package Exterior II also comes in Dark Chrome: the slats on the radiator trim in Dark Chrome as well as the type identification on the fenders and at the rear, including a star at the rear.

The AMG Exterior Carbon Package includes elements in high-quality visible carbon for the A-wing of the AMG front apron, the inserts of the AMG side skirt panels and the trim strip in the AMG rear apron. With the AMG optics package, the GLC 43 looks even sportier: the front splitter in high-gloss black with flics on the sides and the rear diffuser with diffuser board are optical borrowings from motorsport. There are also additional flics for the air outlets in the rear apron in high-gloss black.

Edition 1 at market launch

The GLC 63 S E PERFORMANCE Coupé can be ordered as an exclusive Edition 1 in the exterior colours graphite gray magno or high-tech silver magno for one year from market launch. A foil in magno charcoal visually stretches the vehicle’s sides. The 21-inch AMG forged wheels in cross-spoke design are painted matt black. The high-sheen rim flanges provide an attractive contrast. This also applies to the yellow-painted brake calipers of the AMG high-performance composite brake system.

The AMG aerodynamics package reinforces the dynamic visual impression. The aerodynamic elements include the larger front splitter in high-gloss black with flics on the sides, the AMG Performance spoiler lip in black and additional flics for the air outlets in the rear apron in high-gloss black. The AMG Exterior Night package I and the AMG Exterior Night package II are also on board. The AMG tank cap in silver chrome with “AMG” lettering emphasises the special position of the edition.

The interior is characterised by the contrast of black and yellow. The AMG performance seats are particularly elegant with upholstery in exclusive black Nappa leather with yellow decorative stitching and “Edition 1” logos in the front headrests. They follow the sporty look, as do the seat belts in yellow and the exclusive AMG carbon trim elements with yellow thread. The AMG Performance steering wheel in Nappa leather / DINAMICA microfibre with yellow decorative stitching and the AMG door sills with yellow illuminated “AMG” lettering go perfectly with this. The final touch is the exclusive Edition badge in the interior as well as specific AMG floor mats with yellow decorative stitching and “Edition 1” labeling.

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