A One-Off Rolls-Royce inspired by the Italian Riviera

A One-Off Rolls-Royce inspired by the Italian Riviera. Rolls-Royce presents a one-of-one Bespoke Phantom ‘Inspired by Cinque Terre’, celebrating the beauty of the Italian Riviera and its winemaking traditions.

Rolls-Royce has debuted the one-off Phantom Inspired by Cinque Terre special edition with styling touches evoking the Italian Riviera and the wine from there. Other elements include artwork depicting cliffside fishing villages.

The unique Phantom wears a Ligurian blue body with Navy Blue and Jasmine double coachlines. Bunches of grapes also decorate the vehicle’s flanks.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is delighted to present Phantom ‘Inspired by Cinque Terre’ – a magnificent, one-of-one Bespoke motor car that captures the enchanting allure and fascinating viticultural heritage of the fabled Italian Riviera.

The Cinque Terre – Italian for ‘Five Lands’ – lies on the rugged coast of Liguria in northern Italy. Perched on the cliffside, the centuries-old fishing villages of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore are internationally famous for their steeply terraced vineyards overlooking the Mediterranean – a true marvel in the world of winemaking.

The area’s stunning vineyards are celebrated in intricate Bespoke features throughout this exceptional motor car. The exterior is finished in a deep, rich Ligurian blue, further accentuated with a hand-applied double coachline in Navy Blue and Jasmine, completed with a delicate grapes motif.

The timeless interior, combining Grace White and Navy Blue leather with Jasmine accents, is adorned with a delicate grape-branch embroidery on the rear doors. Each piece comprises 9,215 stitches made using two different techniques. The grapes are embroidered in satin stitch, with the threads carefully aligned according to the angle at which light strikes the surface to give each individual grape a lifelike tone and lustrous quality. For the grape leaf, the Bespoke Collective employed a flatter tatami stitch, which provides a textural contrast and enhances the embroidery’s tactile qualities.

The grapes motif is also captured in an intricate inlay on both picnic tables, made with stainless steel and gold plating. The surfaces were first painted in Milori blue with a subtle sparkle, giving the colour depth and vibrancy. Next, the inlays were precisely applied by hand and sealed with a clear lacquer. Finally, the surface was meticulously sanded and hand-polished to produce a smooth, seamless finish.

Overhead, the Bespoke Starlight Headliner is enriched with a map of Italy, embroidered in 14,338 individual stitches. Five glowing stars precisely positioned by hand at the edge of the coastline represent the Cinque Terre villages. Finalising the design took more than a month, with the Bespoke Collective producing numerous iterations to determine the optimum line weight for the embroidery: wide enough to allow the thread to shimmer, yet sufficiently delicate to render Italy’s entire outline in minute and perfect detail.

The Gallery within the motor car’s expansive fascia houses a spectacular, specially commissioned artwork, which captures the colours, architecture and vibrant character of Cinque Terre. Representing an imagined amalgamation of elements from all five cliffside villages, the composition was first sketched digitally, then airbrushed by hand using water-based acrylic paint to achieve an incredibly fine level of detail, before being finished with multiple coats of clear lacquer. The painting’s focal features are carefully positioned within the Gallery to ensure their exquisite details can be admired easily by all the motor car’s occupants.

A final flourish lies inside the glove compartment, which contains silver debossing depicting the five villages.

Phantom ‘Inspired by Cinque Terre’ has taken its place in the commissioning client’s collection. As a true one-of-one commission, it will never be replicated.

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