16 cop cars to bring down one pick-up truck

How many cop cars does it take to stop an errant pick-up truck? Three, maybe four? In Houston, Texas it takes no less than 16. Sixteen!

This chase happened last month when police tried to question a man about a string of car burglaries. Clearly, he wasn’t in the mood to talk so led them on an hour-long chase in his Ford Ranger.

This footage was shot from a dashcam at a junction when the never-ending parade goes past. Not once, but twice, the convoy going back the other way a few minutes later. Much to the amusement of the driver.

The miscreant eventually abandoned his truck and hid in a garage, where police found him pretty quickly. Not a master criminal, then.

I suspect this rather ridiculous spectacle wouldn’t happen in the UK. There’d be too much paperwork, assuming you could actually find 16 police cars in the same place at the same time.

Video via Youtube/Tiffygunt

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