2017 BMW 750d has 400bhp quad-turbo diesel motor

The new 2017 BMW 750d has an engine with four turbochargers. We know of only three other production cars that have ever had such a thing: the Bugatti EB110, Bugatti Veyron and upcoming Bugatti Chiron.

It’s extremely elite company the 750d is keeping, then, but it deserves its place alongside them as it is the most powerful diesel passenger car ever seen.

The 3.0-litre, straight-six motor churns out 396bhp. Which is gloriously ludicrous. Torque of 560lb/ft can’t match that of some V8 diesels, but it’s all available between from 2000-3000rpm. Exactly where you need it for overtaking and autobahn cruising. Initial pick-up should be strong, too, with 332lb/ft on tap at just 1000rpm – little more than tickover.

BMW quotes a 0-62mph time of 4.6secs for the 750d and 4.7secs for the heavier, long-wheelbase 750Ld. An eight-speed automatic gearbox and xDRIVE all-wheel-drive are standard.

According to BMW, the new engine is more repsonsive than the tri-turbo set-up in the old 750d. The blowers are paired, the smaller, low-pressure ones working at low rpm before the bigger set cut in at 2500rpm.

Amazingly, fuel economy of nearly 50mpg is quoted, with Co2 emissions ranging between 149 and 154g/km, depending on the wheels and tyres fitted.

The tri-turbo motor was also fitted to the 5-Series, X5 and X6, but the new engine is not yet confirmed for those models. Likewise, it isn’t clear if the 750d will be available in the UK when it goes on sale in July. Sadly, we suspect not.

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