6×6 Toyota Land Cruiser is an unstoppable force

Three-axle, six-wheel-drive off-road pick-ups have become A Thing recently. Mercedes got the ball rolling with the insane G63 AMG 6×6, then Kahn Design came up with its Land Rover Defender-based Flying Huntsman 6×6.

Now there’s this 6×6 Toyota Land Cruiser and, if the promo video above is to be believed, it’s as unstoppable as a Terminator. We know the ‘Cruiser to be incredibly capable and tough, but this thing looks like it will make Mother Nature retreat in submission.

It has been built by Dubai-based NV Automotive, with input from Aussie outfit Multidrive Technologies, which specialises in converting 70-Series ‘Cruisers like this into 6×6 monsters. It stands nearly 21ft long and can haul three tonnes. Which makes it a lorry by UK standards.

The engine has been on a course of steroids to give it the muscle to match the chassis’ capability. NVA has bolted a supercharged to the 4.0-litre V6 mill, which liberates 398bhp and 364lb/ft of torque. The motor drives through a five-speed manual gearbox, because you can’t trust an automatic to hold onto first when tearing up a one-in-two dune.

A self-shifter is available, as is a 4.5 diesel engine. Suspension is by coils up front and leaf springs at the back, which die-hard off-roadists can be heard often and loudly explaining is better.

We’ve no idea how much the 6×6 Land Cruiser costs, but reckon it’s worth every penny.

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