8-door Toyota pick-up limo on show at SEMA

SEMA is an excuse for car designers to let their imaginations runs riot. But we can’t even begin to imagine what sort of mind devised this monster.

It started life as a Toyota Tundra, the Japanese brand’s riposte to huge American pick-up trucks like the Ford F150 and Chevrolet Silverado. Specifically, it’s a Tundra 1794 Editions 4×4 CrewMax 5.7 V8, which we think translates as ‘biggest, most powerful, most luxurious’.

But it seems the Tundra’s bigness and luxuriousness wasn’t quite big or luxurious enough. You’ll have noticed by now that it’s been stretched. A lot. Seven-and-a-half feet, no less, to accommodate another four doors. So it has eight in total. Because… Well, why not?

A Tundra CrewMax isn’t small to begin, but this limo truck has a real case of gigantism. Nose to tail, it measures 26-and-a-half long. The standard height of 6ft 3in and width of 6ft 6in are, mercifully, unchanged. Weight? 3,600kg, which, in Europe, makes it a lorry.

That’s the size dealt with, so what about the luxury? The front seats and rear bench remain, trimmed in surprisingly tasteful tan leather. In between are a quartet of seats that wouldn’t look out of place on a LearJet and have all sorts of sliding, reclining, massaging and screen-sprouting tricks.

And, as it’s still a truck, you can sling literally a ton of stuff in the back and hook up five tons of trailer. Though perhaps not if there are any corners to negotiate. We dread to think what the turning circle is.

Incidentally, because America is that kind of place, limo trucks are by no means uncommon. Plenty of them bigger and more opulent even than the Tundrasine.

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