Adorable Citroen e-Mehari buggy revealed

Citroen has reinvented its iconic Mehari utility car for the 21st Century as a four-seat, all-electric open top SUV, dubbed e-Mehari.

Power comes from a 30kWh lithium metal polymer battery pack that provides a range of 124 miles and a top speed of 68mph. Recharging takes eight hours from a fast charger unit or 13 from a domestic supply.

Citroen showed the similar Cactus M concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this year, ostensibly to gauge reaction to a convertible based on the C4 Cactus crossover. That the e-Mehari has emerged so quickly afterwards suggests plans were well advanced, anyway.

A range of bold colours will be available for the body, roof and interior, in whatever combination the owners fancies. The folding fabric roof covers the front, rear and sides in individual sections that can be used independently. The seats are covered in a plastic-coated fabric that can simply be hosed down. The back seats fold down for extra storage space, too.

The e-Mehari closely resembles the C4 Cactus from the front, but from there back it’s completely different, with ribbed sides recalling the 1968 original. Citroen calls it “stylish, confident, offbeat and even sassy.” We’ll go with ‘adorable’.

According to Citroen, the e-Mehari is “designed to appeal to customers looking for an alternative vehicle with a positive outlook on life, attentive to trends and to the environment.”

If those customers live in the UK, they will be disappointed as there are currently no plans to bring the Citroen e-Mehari here. It goes on sale in France next spring; by summer, we fully expect the Riviera to be crawling with them. Indeed, it will probably become the default holiday rental car on the Med.

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