Forget traffic jams, AeroMobil is here

Aeromobil flying car

HOW was your commute home from work tonight in the rush hour, a hellish dashboard head-butting sea of red brake lights?

Well just think in three years time that will be a thing of the past.

If you win the Lottery that is.

Because this is the AeroMobil flying car and after a long and difficult birth from concepts, this new version has arrived and will be ready for customers in 2020.

Aeromobil flying car
Aeromobil flying car

The Slovakian company has revealed the AeroMobil at the Monaco Top Marques show.

It doesn’t take long to convert from aircraft to car and vice versa. The wings fold flat onto the roof and it takes three minutes to put the wings into place for flight and you’ll need a runway to take off.

It is also the first AeroMobil concept that fully meets European and US safety regulations, both on the road and in the air.

It has a 2-litre ‘Boxer’ engine producing around 300bhp. Rather cleverly the motor can act as a generator to power electric motors in the front wheel, providing the propulsion for road use.

It’s capable of up to 100mph on the road and over 220mph in the air, while the flying range is around 466 miles.

The safety kit makes interesting readying. This invoices ballistic parachutes, airbags and even a parachute for the car. That’s comforting to know.

Apparently there is a demand for flying cars from firms like Amazon and Uber as they bid to take their businesses up a level, literally.

The drawback, of course, is price at £1million a pop for the AeroMobil.

But worth every penny to look down on the M25 from a few thousand feet up!

Phil Lanning

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