Armoured Range Rover is a mobile bunker

If you’re the sort of billionaire/terminal paranoiac who wants to buy a Range Rover but worries it’s just not safe enough, worry no more. Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations division has built an armoured Rangey capable of repelling all those nefarious types out to get you.

It’s called the Range Rover Sentinel and it’s practically a road-going bunker. The core is a six-piece armoured passenger shell capable of withstanding 7.62mm high-velocity, armour-piercing rounds, 15kg of TNT and grenades below the floor or above the roof. That kind of arsenal could win a small war.

The armour consists of super-high-strength steel and multi-laminate, optical quality glass. Run-flat tyre inserts, an anti-tamper exhaust, self-sealing fuel tank and back-up battery should be enough to keep the Sentinel moving no matter what. But if things get too tasty, there’s an escape hatch out the back.

From the outside, the Sentinel looks like any other Range Rover. Which is the point, really. There’s no point driving around in an armoured car and advertising the fact. You may as well just put a target on the back.

Land Rover claims it’s much like any other Range Rover to drive, as well. The suspension and brakes have been upgraded to cope with the extra weight, so the serene driving – and riding – experience is unaffected. And it retains the supreme off-road ability that is the Range Rover’s trademark.

Power comes from a 335bhp, 3.0-litre supercharged V6 motor – not otherwise available in the UK – driving through the usual eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox and four-wheel-drive.

The Sentinel comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect of an Autobiography-spec Range Rover, with useful options including fire suppression systems, sirens, emergency lights and an external speaker. Just the thing for ordering the proletariat out of the way.

Of course, the armoured Range Rover Sentinel doesn’t come cheap; prices start at just under £300,000. Which is, indeed, a lot. But there are plenty of people in the world who that kind of money every couple of hours in interest alone. And it’s exactly those people who might want an armoured car.

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