Vorsprung durch Webnik! New Audi A8

New Audi A8 and Spider-Man

IT’S Vorsprung Durch Webnik!

Yes that is Spider-Man clambering all over an Audi.

But it’s not any old Audi, it’s actually the all-new A8 limo which is released without disguise on July 11.

However, before then it will also make its debut in the new Spider-Man: Homecoming movie out just under a week earlier on July 5.

It’s another wonderful PR coup for the German giants who had a liberal use of their cars in an Iron Man movie a couple of years ago – including the stunning R8 E-Tron.

New Audi A8 and Spider-Man
New Audi A8 and Spider-Man

Plus not long after Christian Grey’s wheels of choice were Audis in the 50 Shades of Grey flick. Although, apparently, that was the film bosses choice of car for the charming main character, nothing to do with Audi’s ultra-slick marketing machine.

The new A8 pictured here has even got special camouflage. Audi Design developed an entirely new foil with spider webs on the doors and the Audi rings.

New Audi A8 and Spider-Man
New Audi A8 and Spider-Man

Apparently viewers of the much-awaited movie Homecoming will be able to see parts of the car – the front and side – as well as its ‘Traffic Jam Pilot’ in action. That means hands-free autonomous motoring.

The new A8 doesn’t climb walls like Spider-Man though.

But check the options list on July 11, just in case.

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