Kristaps Bluss. Heard of him? Probably not, and if that’s the case, shame on you. Why? Because he’s chuffing awesome, that’s why. As can be seen in this brilliant little video entitled: Badass Latvian. Because he’s Latvian. And he does badass things. A lot of thought went into that.

Playing the role of a bored security guard, Bluss spots a savage E46 BMW M3 hiding in a shipping container on the docks he;s so vigilantly guarding. Bored of the day job, he opts to take it out and ‘give it some love’. By love, we mean he kicks the crap out of it… in a drifty way.

drift, bmw, ls, latvia, latvian. badass, motorsport, skill, motoring, talent, ken block, Kristaps Bluss

It took us ages to get the screen-grab just right|

Wall tappping, grain flicking, tyre smoking, LS screaming, drifting brilliance ensues. It’ll be the best five minutes of your day, we promise you. And if you want more, you can have it! Here is a behind the scenes video for you. It’s really not hard to see why this film is a finalist in the 2016 London Motor Film Festival.