The Beentley to get you buzzing

Bentley Continental 24

SAY hello to the Beentley!

This yellow and black Crewe’s missile will get you buzzing along all the way to 209mph.

It’s actually called the Bentley Continental 24 special edition and is a modified Supersports for the Nurburgring 24hr race.

There will only be 24 built and will use the 700bhp delivering 62mph in a rather swift 3.5seconds.

While, like me, you might not be a petrolhead to the extreme and regard the Nurburgring as some sort of motoring mecca, you can’t help notice this sporty Bentley.

Bentley Continental 24
Bentley Continental 24

I’m not quite sure whether the two-tone paint job and giant wheels on a Bentley are a sin or sensational. It looks like a jar of Marmite – and you’ll love it or hate it. To be honest, I love it. A lot.

Expect one to be sitting outside a few football grounds next season.

There’s the option of ‘Monaco Yellow’ over black, or ‘St James’ Red’ over black, though a single colour paintjob is available as a no-cost option.

So as well as the Bee edition, there’s potentially the Ladybird too.

There are 21in lightweight forged wheels, that can also be matched to the red or yellow of the two-tone, while elsewhere, you’ll spot carbon fibre door mirrors, black brake calipers and black exterior finishing.

Bentley Continental 24
Bentley Continental 24

The Supersports’ 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12 – which features extra tech to choke a donkey – can also be fitted with a gloss carbon fibre cover, if you wish.

Only setback? They want €250,000 for it.

This yellow and black Bentley truly does have a sting in the tail.

Phil Lanning

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