It’s plush Bentley meets…TANK!

Bentley Bentayga Rain Prisk

WHAT comes to mind when you think of Bentley?

Plush leather, glitzy controls, ultimate luxury – and a picnic set with champagne flutes in the options list.

Bet you didn’t think of a half-tank addition…

Well this is the bizarre Bentley Bentayga that can double up as the perfect mode of transport for the poshest of army commanders in the battlefield.

It’s been created by a firm called Rain Prisk who clearly have far too much spare time on their hands.

Not only do you get the tank tracks but there’s the spooky stealth black paintjob, more room, proper boot and five seats plus the usual forest of wood upholstery.

Oh and the practicality is upped with a nice roof rack and light bar.

Can’t wait to drive this in London’s snooty west end.

It takes the Chelsea Tractor analogy a bit too far!

Phil Lanning

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