You might remember we were recently showing you the old BMW Films from around 2001. It turns out we were onto something, as the films are back. Complete with Clive Owen back behind the wheel. This is going to be amazing, there’s no way it can be anything else. Especially with Distric 9’s Neill Blomkamp at the helm.

As with the classic films, this one is hardly short on star status. Obviously there’s Clive Owen, but you also get The Walking Dead’s Jon Bernthal along with Dakota Fanning and Vera Farmiga. There’s also no shortage of spectacular cinematography. Oh, and a BMW – in the form of the G30 5 Series. The Driver (Clive Owen) must be hooked up, as the car isn’t even out yet! Still, that doesn’t stop it from getting shot up. It all makes for a brilliant watch, so get YouTube fired up and enjoy!