Bugatti Chiron sheer excitement

Bugatti Chiron arrives in London

IT’LL be enough to make your eyes bleed.

The Bugatti Chiron is coming to London.

Yep all £1.9MILLION of it will be sitting in the HR Owen showroom near Berkeley Square.

In that part of the capital, that sort of money is small change.

But no doubt that showroom will get some serious attention for this monstrous motor.

The brief visit of the Chiron marks a year since Bugatti opened a showroom in the UK and this supercar will certainly draw a few admiring glances from the rich and famous who already rev their metal egos regularly outside Harrods.

Bugatti Chiron arrives in London
Bugatti Chiron arrives in London

It could also be the most powerful vehicle to ever hit London, boasting just a pitiful 1,479bhp from its 8-litre quad-turbo.

But it’ll still get outsmarted by a wretched G-Wiz stuck in miles of traffic.

Imagine having all that power but crawling along at 2mph on Tottenham Court Road.

So, if you want to see the most powerful vehicle in London, pop down to HR’s Owen’s plush gaff.

Even better turn up in a G-Wiz.

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