Burlen Ltd, the world’s only manufacturer of genuine SU (Skinners Union), AMAL and Zenith carburettors, fuel pumps and spares, is celebrating a record-breaking 2017 and continuing to demonstrate remarkable growth under the forward-thinking Burnett brothers.

The Salisbury-based firm enjoyed a hugely impressive annual turnover of £5.4 million in 2017 – meaning it’s now broken previous company turnover records in two consecutive years, with no signs of slowing down. 

Burlen has an incredibly rich history with products dating back over one hundred years and therefore a stellar reputation to uphold, which is of the utmost importance to Mark, Jamie and Andy Burnett.

As such, Burlen invested over £150,000 in upgrading its tooling in 2017 – practicing the company policy of refurbishing tools to keep up the finest quality of end products. This means Burlen can continue to offer ‘the full package’ across every single one of its product lines.

Machinery, too, came under the microscope for Burlen over the course of the past 12 months, as it set about keeping itself ahead of the game with internal component manufacturing.

By using the very latest CAD software and bringing in skilled candidates to lead the sophisticated operations, Burlen now has the ability to design, prototype and develop parts that had previously been unavailable or not economically viable. This is a big step for the company’s current product range, but it also opens up the possibility of future expansion.

Employing members of staff with the right skill sets and keeping current employees on top of recent trends is of paramount importance to the Burnett brothers, who recognise that people are instrumental behind success. Burlen invested a massive £130,000 on staffing in 2017, with plans to further bolster its ranks – it’s currently on the lookout for the right Technical Design Engineer to join the team.

Internal success brought about plenty of external opportunities for Burlen, which held two successful exhibits at Goodwood in 2017. The Members’ Meeting in March saw Burlen display never-seen-before prototypes of SUi – a game-changing and complete fuelling system that sees a fuel injection device work inside a carburetter – while Revival built on that success and allowed Burlen to launch the SU Clothing Company.

Burlen’s stands are always a sight to behold at Goodwood, and the brand new caps from the SU Clothing Company certainly captured plenty of imaginations at the September event.

As Burlen heads into 2018, SUi enters its final stages of development ahead of what will prove to be a revolutionary release. SU will also release its DU6 Carburetter, meaning it’s set to be a year to remember for the famous brand.

Burlen will continue its impressive expansion in 2018 and will keep investing heavily in its tooling, machinery and staff to keep it at the very top of the industry. The company is never standing still and will explore how it can bring new products to market to compliment the current SU, Amal and Zenith crop.

Mark Burnett, Managing Director of Burlen, said: “2017 has been a bumper year for Burlen but we’re not standing still – 2018 should be a year for spreading our wings a little further. We will continue to bolster the core product ranges with further investment whilst looking at new ways to bring exciting and innovative products to our dedicated customer base.

“The SU Clothing concept is a great example of thinking outside the box, where a bit of corporate branding fun turns into a legitimate stand-alone product line. We’re excited about 2018 and beyond and would like to say thanks and happy Christmas to our customers far and wide.”

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