Can’t afford a Bugatti Veyron? Get a wooden one

We’ve established that Bugatti Veyron owners have some serious wonga. A brand-new one will set you back over £1 million. A quick search on Autotrader showed the cheapest one in the country is a not-inconsiderable £750,000. And this one sold at auction is the States recently for $2.4 million.

But if you don’t sleep on a mattress made of money, there is another way. An Indonesian wood shop will build you an arboreal replica for about $3,000.

Not only does it look totally convincing outside, it has a full interior as well. It’s impressively engineered too, with opening doors and moving steering wheel, pedals and gear lever.

Apparently, the wooden Bug is being built for a customer. Why would you want such a thing? Maybe to put in your garage and pretend you’re a gajilloinaire, maybe use it as a coffee table. Or just display it as the very fine piece of work it is.

Video via Youtube/IndonesiaToday

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