Cardo Systems- Helping with Backflips and Whips with Bolddog FMX Stunt Team

Cardo Systems- Helping with Backflips and Whips with Bolddog FMX Stunt Team

The highly-skilled stunt riders from the Bolddog stunt team have chosen Cardo Systems to join their ‘squad’, the PACKTALK Bold units now playing a major in the show preparation and performances. 

Motorcycle doing wheelie
Bolddog Team – Credit Mantis Pro Media

Jumping their motorcycles up to 40ft high, across a 75ft gap between ramps in a live action arena, with thousands of spectators watching, the pressure is on for the Freestyle Motocross riders every time they perform. Previously, the team used to rely on the self-proclaimed ‘old-school communication techniques’ including a combination of hand gestures and a flag system. 

Stuntman and Bolddog FMX ace, Dan Whitby, explains: “The Cardo System PACKTALK units have massively changed the way in which we perform. The clarity from the JBL speakers is great and the way that the volume automatically changes is amazing.

Mid air Motorcycle stunt
Bolddog Team – Credit Mantis Pro Media

“When performing, it can be a pretty stressful environment – you’ve got LED’s on the bikes which is making them heavier than normal, low light levels and pyrotechnics. Having direct contact in a live performance is extremely helpful. When we perform our show finale, where we aim to get as many bikes in the air as possible, we’re jumping with small gaps between us. While this is perfected through lots of practice – and trust – I used to tap my rear mudguard for their signal – not anymore!” 

The Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) connectivity means that the performers can swap positions and move in and out of range however many times they like, without the need to manually reconnect. 

“We’re surprised how well the DMC works – means there’s no stress of having to mess around reconnecting. We’re probably a very extreme example to test the range of the units as it’s not just all floor level, we’re up in the air too!” 

It’s not just during performances in which the units are proving beneficial, but also while training and practice too… 

Mid air Motorcycle stunt
Bolddog Team – Credit Mantis Pro Media

“We’re constantly working to improve our performances so being able to speak to each other while training and bringing on new riders, it’s super helpful. Riding with the units means that everyone can stay on their bikes and don’t have to ride over to each other every two minutes just to give a little pointer. We’ve got some exciting plans too – which Cardo will play a role in – so watch this space!” 

Performing all over the world, the Cardo units have become a staple of the Bolddog FMX team kit. 

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Keep up to date with the Bolddog FMX team and find out where you can see them perform here: 

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