Ford to use bamboo in cars

Cars made out of bamboo?

DO you remember the old police Ford Escort panda cars? Well now cars could be made out of panda food. Yep. Honestly. The next generation of eco-friendly motors are set be made out of BAMBOO. Ford Esco... please read on ......
Grey is No1 for Ford

Ford’s nifty shades of grey

THE GOOD news is that the Just For Men can go back in the cupboard. Grey is officially cool! Well we know Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey is a smooth customer. Now A-list celebs like Rihanna a... please read on ......
Ford's dog nanny drone

Ford’s new dog-walking drone. Honest!

FORD workers have dreamed up some icons down the years like the Capri, RS Turbo, XR2 and Mustang. But they’ve clearly got too much time on their hands these days. The Blue Oval have revealed today that their employees have devised new ideas to live in th... please read on ......
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Fancy buying a bonkers banger?

Want a new car, but something that has a bit of personality? Well, the charity bangers auction could be right up your street!
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For Sale: Ford Escort Gartrac G6

It's a Ford, Jim, but not as we know it. Do you fancy getting behind the wheel of a Gartrac G6? If you do, you'll need deep pockets!