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For the Love of Cars is back!

Fancy one of the best Lotus Elite race cars in the world? Well, you can have one. And it's been restored by Ant Anstead.
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Fancy an E Type fixer-upper?

Rebuilding anything is rewarding. Fixed the dishwasher? You feel like a God. How about the broken plug behind the sofa? You are unstoppable. So imagine how it would feel to bring this Series III E Type back to life? It's a bit of a leaf from a plug, but as tha... please read on ......

VW Microbus Restoration – Week 6

With a busy week of customer cars to finish, the Microbus has taken a back seat. We have still had time to start stripping the engine ready for an overhaul and rebuild. We hope to add some trick parts and give the motor a good clean and detail so it looks extr... please read on ......